Beach Ball Garibaldi

(Have a) Beach Ball

The “Beach Ball” at Garibaldi’s Community Hall is a choreographed Ballroom Dance weekend held the third weekend in February every year. During the weekend, dancers learn to dance two pre-choreographed dances to a specific piece of music and pre-choreographed figures. The teachers teach one dance on Saturday morning and one on Saturday afternoon. Both Friday and Saturday evenings, participants enjoy a party dance with the featured teachers cueing the dances and figures. Sunday morning there is a review session of the dances taught on Saturday. Everyone is welcome to visit during these events. We celebrate afterwards at the Tillamook Creamery having ice cream!

The teachers for the Friday through Sunday noon sessions are Randy and Marie Preskitt, and Randy Lewis and Debbie Olson. Information on classes and future events is available by contacting Randy Lewis at 503-318-8831 or by email at